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Connie Boyd, Department Coordinator, Masco

I have worked with BART for 30 years. We have taken full advantage of the data in BART which has allowed us to analyze pilot, passenger and aircraft information. We rely on BART for SIFL Reporting as well as other important tax information.  The ease in scheduling trips, entering data thru CoPilot and the numerous customizable reports BART has to offer has certainly made my job more efficient and made BART a valuable tool in our department.

Kellie Pesce, Coordinator, Aircraft Scheduler/Dispatcher
Auburn University Air Transportation

BART software makes my job easier every day. From scheduling to recordkeeping to invoicing to budgeting, BART can do it all!

Megan Simpson, Client Services Manager,
London Air Services

From the first time we started talking to everyone at BART, they knew our business. Changing providers is a scary proposition for any company but BART made the transition seamless. They are always available to talk through any issue (big or small!). The program itself has so many great features. And as a Canadian company we are a little different but BART has made it easy.
I know I am in great hands with the team at BART!

Sky High Aviation, LLC

Gid Fisher, Sky High Aviation, LLC

Major kudos to BART software! We have just finished our third season using BART and remain in utter disbelief how flawlessly we have managed scheduling and billing our clients! Certainly, it is in great part due to the amazing, personalized, on-going training which comes with the program. Our accountant is likewise thrilled with the professional record keeping at our fingertips. Now, Fuel Lessor Reports and 1099's are a breeze. But, it scares us to think how easily we could have lost money without these specific accounting systems. Well done! Thank you. You've made us look real good!

James Fortune, Manager Aircraft Operations,

The United Company
The United Company is a diversified corporation with holdings in the leisure/entertainment industry and is based in Bristol, VA. The company started operating business aircraft in 1973 and is currently operating a mix of fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. The United Company started using BART when it was a MS-DOS based platform and have been a continuous customer ever since. We have found BART to be a very comprehensive, user friendly, one source aviation management software that has been the go to aviation software for us for over 30 years. The customer support staff has gone above and beyond to help us fine tune the best ways to utilize the software. We are a smoother running, better compliant and better organized flight department because of BART and its’ staff of professionals.

K. L Wiseman, Vice President & Director,
Truist Bank Aviation Services
I started in professional aviation 46 years ago!  We didn’t have or use computers in those earliest days.  I recall my overwhelming gratitude when I stumbled across the BART booth at NBAA in 1986.  Yes!  I remember thinking - this is exactly what the corporate aviation industry has needed!   Excellent, comprehensive department management software that is intuitive, plays well with C-Suite presentations, and just keeps track of everything very accurately.
Now, 3 flight departments later, I’m still using BART software as I manage one of the USA’s largest banks flight operations.  If software can stand up to big bank regulators audits, to IRS audits, to SEC audits, it is safe and sound for any flight department anywhere!
The team is responsive, creative, patiently helpful partners I’ve been with now for 37 years!  I recommend this company & their product!

Mike Horan, President, Taughannock Aviation

Taughannock Aviation has been a client and partner with BART since approximately 2006. Their customer service and support is simply exemplary. Throughout the years, the company has continued to invest in and innovate the BART platform, making it, in my view, the best scheduling and recordkeeping software available in the industry today. 

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