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Easy-To-Use. Fast. Powerful. Affordable.

Key Features:

  • Implement company-specific business rules for quoting

  • Easily edit landing and parking fees as well as specific tax adjustments

  • Capture customer signatures electronically

  • Save client profiles with contact information and preferences

  • Publish both invoicing from quotes and actuals

Charter Quoting / CRM

A user-friendly yet sophisticated solution that allows even the most complex quotes to be done quickly.

Create and send professional quotes for your fleet of owned or brokered aircraft in seconds. Using your pricing rules, simply make adjustments to landing fees, parking fees and taxes. Easily modify pricing based on new itinerary requirements.

Manage your client’s contacts, preferences, contracts and personal notes with our unique CRM. Track all of your client’s details in one spot. A multitude of search criteria allows you to manage and sort all your quotes in the order you need.

CoPilot App

Enable your flight department personnel and pilots to enter flight logs and expenses in real-time. 

BART CoPilot app is designed for tablets and smartphones. Flight department personnel can use this app to see real-time scheduled information and pilots can enter all of their actuals for historical recordkeeping.

Features also exist for pilots to check in passengers, verify IDs, and contact passengers by calling or emailing. Expenses can be tracked by snapping a picture and adding it to a trip. 

CoPilot is simple and presented in an easy to read format. Minimal to no training is required – simply login and enjoy. CoPilot can also be used by non-flight department passengers and/or customers. Simply give them a login with security settings where they can see only what their settings permit.

Thousands of users are already benefiting from CoPilot. Request a demo to see how it can help your operation.

Key Features:

  • View schedules real time on any mobile device

  • Manage crew times, duty logs and crew currency requirements

  • Enter Safety Reporting, FRAT and flight logs 

  • Manage expense tracking by adding receipt images directly to a trip

  • Receive text or email updates of flight tracking with block in and out alerts

  • View aircraft squawks

  • TSA name review

  • Enter information offline and it will resync with wifi connection

Key Features:

  • Complete web-based functionality

  • Share trip sheets and passenger itineraries

  • Manifesting passengers auto creates profiles

  • Integrated HR feed to maintain current passenger data

  • Mx integrations highlight if aircraft are not available and shows due items

  • Manage crew regulations and track qualifications

  • Text trip changes to crew and track crew acknowledgments

  • Send trip information to Google, Outlook and Apple iCal calendars

  • File flight plans

  • Search airports by radius and fuel stops

  • Search airport and FBO directories worldwide

  • Highlight preferred FBO networks

  • Compare fuel prices


Say goodbye to old systems and move to a web-based solution.

BART Scheduling makes it easier and faster than ever to create flight schedules from the web. No matter the size of operation, create and change flight schedules using the most up-to-date information for accurate flight times and distance. Choose crew members based on qualifications, ratings and availability. Advanced alerts will warn of any potential aircraft or crew duty violations.

Send itineraries and trip sheets with a click of the mouse. Include a calendar invite so trip details can be saved to any calendar.

Key Features:

  • Customized legs can be published to your company’s personalized website

  • Passengers can self-book their flight reservations

  • Track trip reasons and report on flight performance

Shuttle Reservation System

Integrate an automated shuttle booking solution and let your passengers handle their reservations.

Passengers and employees can easily create their own profile and book themselves on shuttle flights. Security levels are available to customize how you want certain individuals or departments to book their trips. Emails flight confirmation along with itinerary details.

Key Features:

  • Easily drag and drop fields to create your custom report with a report builder

  • Automatically include totals and subtotals for reference

  • Build Excel and PDF reports from hundred of fields

  • Manage SIFL calculations and financial reportin


Create your own custom reports and show only the data you want to see.

Going paperless doesn’t mean we don’t like reports – especially in PDF, DOC, XLS and other formats. BART has many standard reports that are just a few taps/clicks away.

Create your own custom reports with our report builder. All reports can be emailed to individuals or groups (ie. crew and/or passengers), viewed, exported or printed…yes, printed. Our document library can also store reports (and images) that pertain to a particular trip, airport, aircraft, staff member, passenger, owner and more. There are too many reports to mention, however be assured we have covered the areas you need.

Trusted By The World’s Best


A Simple All-In-One
Flight Operations Management System

for Charter & Corporate Operations

Key Features:

  • Maintain key information in one accessible location 

  • Easily edit SIFL calculations

  • Update flight logs that stay aligned with the schedule

  • Add expenses and attach receipt images by trip


Operate more efficiently and avoid delays in gathering information, frustration and even financial losses.

Good recordkeeping creates improved time management and a better overview of your flight operation. 

Whether entering a new flight log or updating a log from Scheduling, you can enter flight times, expenses with pictures of receipts and crew duty times. Capture information regarding passengers such as reason for travel, SIFL and chargeback calculations. Create reports that are customized to your requirements.

See our platform in action with mobile-ready features

View real-time scheduling & recordkeeping

Explore reports & quoting templates

Curious about our solutions?
Try them yourself.

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