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Customers Select BART for Our 

Innovative, Secure & Affordable Products


24/7 Customer Support

Your flight department is 24/7 and we will be there to assist every minute of the day

Simple & Intuitive

Best in class software shouldn't take long to learn. Our intuitive interface is easy to learn even for newly minted schedulers and dispatchers

Mobile-First Features

No one wants to lug around a laptop. All our features are mobile-friendly and can be done in the palm of your hand

Data Security

Our technology abides by stringent security requirements and we consistently perform penetration testing to ensure your data will be safe

Extensive Integrations

We believe the flight department's best system of record and communication is from their scheduling system which is why we are constantly adding new integrations to our product suite

Dedicated Implementation Support

From the very start, we want your onboarding to be a smooth journey. We will understand your business process and guide you through the best use of the BART product suite to meet your needs

Why BART Stands Apart

We want to deliver great value to our customers
& work hard to deliver these differentiators at an affordable price so you are more than satisfied.

Who We Serve

Corporate Operators

Efficient and accurate. Use our web-based scheduling & recordkeeping tools to manage all of your upcoming trips and details while maintaining historical information. Communicate to passengers by sharing an online portal for them to request and view trip details or email professional reports and trip itineraries. Aviation personnel can use our CoPilot app to manage schedule changes and pilots are able to post flight actuals for recordkeeping. Extensive security allows you to decide what each person sees. No matter where you are, accessing your information from any device gives you complete flexibility. If your goal is to be paperless, or if you are not 100% ready quite yet, we have the tools that will fit your needs.

Charter Operators

Easy and fast. Our web-based system can manage your department with our one stop turn key management system. In today's world you need to generate quotes in seconds, not minutes. Managing customer preferences, contracts and details is easy. Provide customers with a portal to request and see their scheduled trip details. Pilots can easily see their upcoming trips and post actuals. Track expenses and capture receipt images. Its all here.

Secure, simple software with 24/7 customer support at an affordable price will transform 

your flight department

16,000 +

crew members

500 +


7,000 +


Curious about our solutions?
Try them yourself.

See our platform in action with mobile-ready features

View real-time scheduling & recordkeeping

Explore reports & quoting templates

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